Building during a pandemic

So you might be wondering, safely from your home, why construction sites are considered essential work by the State. Most projects, if left completely unattended for weeks and months, could have large ramifications. Depending on where the project is in the process, you could have issues where the structure is compromised. Say for example – the house is framed, but there are no windows and the roof isn’t installed yet – oh and it’s a rainy spring. Wood framed construction is can handle some exposure to the elements, but after weeks you will find wood is warped and the plywood is rotting. That would all need to be replaced before continuing – at the homeowners expense.

​Another example might be the house is almost finished, but not finished enough that the homeowners can move back in. Those homeowners are probably in temporary housing and that lease might run out. What are they supposed to do now? Obviously everyone is concerned about the health and well being of our workers and their families. So we are continuing work on job-sites with the conditions outlined by the Governor’s and the various towns.

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