Choose your own adventure

You wake up one morning to your children yelling in the next room. You think to yourself ‘This house is too small for us. We have officially outgrown it’. Swinging your legs over the edge of the bed, you stretch and yawn. You stumble out of your bedroom and down the hallway, leaving the sound of yelling children behind, making your way to the coffee pot.

If you think to yourself “I’m finally going to look into moving” GO TO #2

If you think “We can probably make this work for another year or two” GO TO #3

#2) You call up your dad’s friend, Rob, who is a very experienced real estate broker. “Hey Rob, we need a bigger house. Can you swing by and tell me how much our house is worth? It would be good to know what we can afford.” Rob says, no problem, and within a week you have a good idea of the value of your home. You can afford to upgrade.

If you think to yourself, but I love my house, maybe we can renovate GO TO #4

If you think to yourself, I’ve always wanted a new construction home GO TO #5

#3) Later that night you find out kid #3 is on the way. GO TO #4

#4) Your friend down the street added a mudroom onto their house a couple years ago. They really liked their builder, so you decide to start there. After a nice email exchange, you jump on a call with one of the owners. “Our house has gotten too small, and we have another baby on the way. We have some equity and are thinking of renovating. Would you be willing to come take a look and see what our options are?” The owner agrees to come see your home and walk you through the process, so you feel much better. After the meeting, you realize…

You are only going to get another 5 years out of your house even with the renovation. GO TO #5

You are really excited to make this house into your dream house with a little tweaking GO TO #6

#5) Fully committed and excited to build your very own custom home you start the process. Your real estate agent, Rob, knows a builder that also sources lots. They happen to be the same builder that did the mudroom addition to your friend down the street’s house. After talking with them about available lots, you find the perfect one right around the corner from your current house. You sign the contracts and get started on construction as soon as you can. GO TO #7

6) You hire an architect and builder. After several iterations of the plans, you decide on the perfect addition for your family. A brand-new mudroom, larger kitchen and family room, and a killer master suite. You have always wanted a walk-in pantry! GO TO #7

7) It’s late one evening and you pull into the driveway, hop out of the car, and walk-in through your mudroom entrance. You can smell dinner cooking in the oven and your older kids are seated around the kitchen table working on homework. The baby is in its highchair eating some blueberries. It’s such a peaceful, warm feeling, that you take a quick moment to appreciate all the work and thought that went into your home. The memories made here will last a lifetime. You think “Welcome Home”

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