Podcast Ep 4- J.B. Clancy from Albert, Righter & Tittmann

J.B. Clancy, AIA is a very thoughtful and inquisitive architect from Albert, Righter & Tittmann Architects (ART).  ART was founded in 1996 and has become one of the leading and most sought-after architectural firms in Boston.  J.B. and the ART team have a deep appreciation for the history of architecture and how it relates to our modern times.  From sketching at the start of all of their projects to their staff traveling the world, ART brings a unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise to all of their discerning clients.  J.B. provides great insight into his process in this podcast and we appreciated the opportunity to sit down with him.  

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Episode 4

Show Notes:

  • Where J.B. grew up.
  • How J.B.’s family, Art school and college experience at Brown set him on a path to architecture.
  • Did you know that J.B. also studied architecture at Yale?
  • J.B.’s first job? He worked on a bid for the Summer Olympics in NYC.
  • How an event at ART inspired him to want to work there.
  • How house scaling and working on both large and small projects attracted him to want to dig deeper.
  • Why he loves Boston.
  • J.B.’s views on sustainability and ART’s approach to Green Building.
  • How and why architecture is the first step in sustainability.
  • What a passive house consultant does and why J.B. took classes to earn a certificate.
  • ART’s Habitat for Humanity home in Vermont was another experience in sustainability and building with less energy.
  • The costs associated with building a passive house.
  • The importance of ventilation systems in a passive house.
  • How ART approaches Green Building with clients.
  • Housing of the future, efficiencies and changing consumer tastes.
  • How photographing and sketching impacts ART’s mission.
  • J.B.’s Milton Public Library experience.
  • The richness of Paris architecture.
  • J.B.’s take on the Louvre Pyramid.
  • ART’s Brand and Philosophy.
  • ART’s approach of hand sketching for clients at the beginning of each project.
  • The future of architecture and technology’s roll.
  • The importance of working with skilled craftsmen.
  • ART’s support of the North Bennet Street School in Boston.

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