Podcast Ep 2- Studio Life

Carolyn Mackin, our guest on this episode of Design Wise, is an artist based out of Wellesley, MA.  Her artwork is about embracing and celebrating life, and living with intention and passion.  Her abstract, multi-layered paintings reflect her journey through life.  Inspired by traveling, city life, white light, and intimate connections, Carolyn creates mixed media paintings through an intuitive process of layering acrylic and oil paint, oil pastels, paint pens, graphite and paper.  For Carolyn, cities are wonderfully exciting places filled with possibility, vibrant energy, and endless inspiration.  

You can learn more about Carolyn’s process by listening to our podcast and also by clicking here.


Episode 2

Show Notes:

  • When Carolyn realized she wanted to be an artist
  • Her background in photgraphy and how she got the confidence to do what she really loved
  • What influences her art
  • Her partnership with her clients in creating the perfect piece for their space
  • Her creative process 
  • How she has grown as a person through her painting
  • How she uses social media to connect to other artists and market her work 
  • Special offer for listeners

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