The Hub of the Home

As promised, I wanted to continue to share some of the highlights from the design presentation I attended at Clarke last month.

Step 2Lifestyle Value: our clients are more willing to invest in their lifestyle than ever before.  People are more aware of brands and trends and what they want showcased in 13_Kitchen-2their home.  Because of this, we as designers need to address each client’s space and lifestyle accordingly.  The layout of a family gathering around the kitchen table while a mom prepares a five course dinner to be served at 5:00, is not necessarily the norm anymore.  Today the kitchen has become the “hub” of energy in a home – the area that people congregate in.  The common spot is not the kitchen table, but rather the island.  People are not reading newspapers while they wait to eat, but rather their iPhone or tablets.  The kitchen of today is much more than a culinary work space, and that requires us to design it as the “spa of private sanctuaries.”

At Hawthorn Builders, we work with clients to create this custom space that fits their exact needs.  The kitchen is an ever evolving area that can really speak to the character of the home.  We are proud to showcase a gallery of our kitchen designs on our website: https://hawthornbuidev.wpengine.com/gallery/kitchens

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