Boston’s First Home Decor Show


Last Thursday I attended the first Boston Home Décor Show held at The Cyclorama, Boston Center for theArts.  Hawthorn Builders’ Design Director, Jessica Chabot, and I headed into the South End to preview this kick-off event which featured contemporary, modern and antique displays of art, design and furnishing.  Overall the concept of this show was to capture the evolution of the market and include a broad range of historic, modern and contemporary furnishings, fine art and design, offering everything from antiques to the finest in today’s home décor.

The venue was a perfect place for such a display of intricate art and high-end collections.  While artists and their work seemed to be the favorite, we were fortunate to arrive in time to catch the keynote speaker, Matthew Patrick Smyth.  Smyth, who was there to sign his book, “Living Traditions: Interiors by Matthew Patrick Smyth,” has been recognized by New York Magazine, Traditional Home and Elle Décor.  I found his presentation to be intriguing and personal.  He provided a slide show to represent his honest designs throughout the last few years, including his own NYC apartment and CT country home. What I enjoyed the most was his ability to incorporate “collections” into design.  Often thought of as “knick-knacks” or clutter, there is something to be said about the personalization of design in a home.  More importantly, I saw this as a skill that not all interior designers have – to incorporate meaningful pieces in a way that doesn’t look like chaos.  Along with this, he provided additional tips for designers and a how-to approach to styling a client’s home – “true, fine design is attention to detail”

I felt that the Boston Home Décor show did a nice job incorporating both new and old – together in a beautiful and artistic way.  The first show was a success because it is already scheduled to for its second year, next November 2016.

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