Obsessed: What I Love Right Now

Whimsical 1

Accessories and accent pieces are often overlooked in design, but they can actually offer more personalityy and character to a space. I think its important to select accent pieces that fit your personal style and can bring a sense of whimsy.  Another option is to incorporate a couple select pieces that spark your interest and intermingle them throughout your home.  A perfect example of this is the Pavo Table from Anthropologie Home. It’s a whimsical side table meant to look like a peacock, however it has a well balanced design so as not to seem too over the top.  Another fun accessory inspired by nature are ceramic animal heads. Not necessarily for everyone, but they can add a nice sculptural piece in a monotone color and play off of other items well. Consider framing the head in a picture frame as shown in the nursery. You can also opt for a smaller item to bring out when entertaining, like these Jonathan Adler Brass Bird Bowls seen below – functional and fun!

– Jess

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