Obsessed: What I love Right Now

Samsung Washing MachineThis week I am obsessed with the Samsung Washing Machine, featuring a built-in sink known as “Active Wash.”  I’ll admit, I was suckered into the commercial with Kristen Bell saving the stuffed toy her daughter had spilled juice all over. But after you get past the “coolness” of this washing machine, you really start to appreciate how genius this really is, especially for those that don’t have room or space for a separate sink. The sink fills directly from the machine itself, and dumps into the basin when you need to drain it. While front loaders have been the go-to laundry machines over the past couple of years, top loaders have made a recent comeback because they are available without agitators, hold an exceptional amount of laundry, and do not have the issues with cleaning smelly gaskets that the front loaders have.

– Jess

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