131 Grant Ave Revealed

Hawthorn Builders is proud to unveil 131 Grant Ave in Newton – a custom renovation that took this historic structure down to the bones and modernized it with today’s amenities.

Having acquired the property in May 2014, this rehab was a multi-layer  process that involved preserving as much of the original exterior and interior elements as possible.  131 Grant Ave was built in 1880 with a stucco exterior and interior that had remained mostly untouched since the 1970s.

When discussing the timeline with Hawthorn Builders Project Manager, Chris Palenscar said, “My favorite part of this project was when the interior trim started.  The exterior renovation, of matching existing stucco to new, along with the framing created some difficulty.  Re-framing an older house can always have its challenges, but when you see the finish work going up, it all starts to come together.”

Preserving the old was a crucial part to this renovation; fabricating moldings and doors to match existing pieces.  “The main staircase is such a signature piece that we decided to make balusters that match rather than install today’s style,” said Hawthorn Builders owner, Ryan McDonnell.  “This is really what exemplifies craftsmanship, when you put high attention to detail in order to restore or replicate an original.”

The renovation of this historical home included revising the first floor layout to include a larger kitchen, direct access to the basement and kitchen from the front foyer, and the addition of a master bath and master closet on the second floor. “With an older home, it’s really important to make the space feel updated and modern, but retain the same feel as the original finishes might have felt 100 years ago” said Hawthorn Design Director, Jessica Chabot. “Marble in the bathrooms, clean classic colors, and vintage style lighting all combine to accentuate the original character of the home.” Other updates in the house also include a mudroom with a dog washing station (a Hawthorn first!), the original back staircase off the kitchen, and heated floors in the kitchen and master bath.

The hard work is evident when looking at the before and after pictures.  As McDonnell states, “rather than the easy way, which might have been to tear out the old and replace it all with new, we kept the overall style of the house intact.”  See below for some amazing before and after transformation photos!

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