Feet First: Heating your home from the ground up.

A warm home is essential in New England, especially given the “Polar Vortex” which has IMG_2988chilled the country these last few weeks.  Fluctuating temperatures outside can make it difficult to maintain consistent warmth inside and can wreak havoc on home heating bills. Warmboard, Inc., a radiant heating design has created an alternate to baseboard heat or forced hot air by heating homes on the floor level.  According to the Warmboard website, floor heating is accomplished by circulating hot water through tubing hidden beneath finished floors.  This revolutionary concept is done through Warmboard’s patented design, high conductivity panels. Due to the extreme conductivity, water temperatures in this system can be lowered to 95-130 degrees, where other radiant floorboard systems tend to use temperatures of 130-150, thus decreasing energy use and lowering monthly bills.  High conductivity also means that your home can adjust faster to changing heat temperatures throughout the day, ensuring constant comfort.  An added bonus that continues the green-living trend;  Warmboard works seamlessly with solar and geothermal systems.  Overall this combination can turn your home into the mecca of eco-friendly living.

Hawthorn BuilderIMG_2987s was on-site with Warmboard Regional Manager, Julie Lacasse, last week to go over installation at one of our Needham home projects.  Julie’s visit was the kick-off to installation, bringing the framers and HVAC crews together to go over the plans and ensure proper fitting.  It turns out that each panel weighs 100lbs!  Check out the pictures of the framers in action and make sure to tune back in for more updates on Hawthorn’s experience with Warmboard.
























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