New Project on South Street is in Full Swing



In late 2011, Hawthorn Builders began work on a large scale renovation of a unique home on over an acre of land on South Street in Needham.  The property, located next to the custom home we built in 2010, consisted of a 3 bedroom, 3,000 sf contemporary style home.  The customer was renting the home from an absentee owner and decided to purchase the property and embark on a process to transform it to a larger home with modern amenities, but keeping with some of the original features.

In addition to the usual trials involved with a large addition, this project also includes wetlands and having to ensure that proper preservation and conservation guidelines are followed.  This meant the removal of existing cess pools and a dilapidated garage on the east side of the property.  Without the complete removal and proper disposal of the cess pools and garage, work could not begin on the addition.

More logistical challenges arose when the plans showed the location of the far corner of the newly designed two car garage.  Its proximity to an existing beech tree made it impossible to access the rear of the property to install the five bedroom septic system once the foundation of the new garage is installed.  As such, the order of operations was flipped, and the septic system went in before sitework started on the new addition.  While the septic installation process was underway, the crew began demolishing the second floor of the existing home and much of the interior.

Once the septic system was installed, inspected and the trucks were removed, the foundation went in and the project took the shape of a more typical addition.  Still, as homeowners who have experienced a large scale addition can attest, there is nothing typical about the process and this one is no different.  Additions, particularly those where the existing space is significantly altered as well, have lots of twists and turns and it takes a focused crew, a creative plan and a patient and flexible owner to navigate to the finish line.

Once completed, this house will feature all of the charm and appeal of its existing setting, the classic taste of its owner and the quality work and attention to detail that Hawthorn Builders provides on all projects.

The finish line is still on the horizon, but it is in sight.  Check back for more updates and eventually a stunning gallery of photos once the last nail has been pounded.

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