Needham Builder: First Step in Construction – Demolition Permit

We have closed on our newest home in Needham at 41 Dawson Drive. The development of a custom, new construction home has begun; we have posted our latest set of designs on our developments page.  The first step in the building process, after the closing, is applying for the demolition permit.  Although it would seem to be logistically easier to run over with the wrecking ball and raze the house, there are several procedures that builders must comply with before demolition.  There are a number of steps required by the Town of Needham; these guidlines are in place to provide safety to the public.

As part of the demo process, Hawthorn Investments is currently working on receiving approvals from the Board of Health, which is looking for the proper removal of any asbestos at the house, as well as documentation that there are no animals in the house before the house is torn down.  Some additional steps in the demolition process includes: providing notice to abutters, getting approval from the Conservation Commission that the property is not located in any wetland areas and removing all of the services from the house –  i.e.: phone lines, electrical lines and gas/oil services.  The Needham Fire Department will then inspect the home and provide their sign off that the house is safe for demolition.  Once the Needham Building Department has received all of the proper paper work, they will supply us with our permit and we will be permitted to demo the home.  This entire process usually takes a few weeks, barring any unforeseen issues, which we all know never happens in real estate.

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