Update on Tanglewood

Our spec home in Wellesley has officially been listed on MLS! Since our last blog, when framing had just begun, this custom home is now completely framed and the roofing is now underway.  As progress evolved, so did our specifications for this beautiful home in Wellesley.  Hawthorn Builders is excited to share additional information about … Read more

Welcome to Wellesley!

Hawthorn Builders is both proud and honored to announce that we have officially broken ground in Wellesley!  Having sourced a lot on Tanglewood Road, demolition is complete and we anticipate framing to begin next month.  At the current time, architectural plans are final but there is still time for a new buyer to customize the finishes.  … Read more

Hawthorn Builders Editorial

In what might be considered an annual tradition, the discussion over new construction in Needham is again on the hot stove.  This includes letters to the Needham Times from concerned residents to what appears to be a concentrated push from local committee members to propose changes to the current zoning by-laws. While examining both the … Read more

Boston’s First Home Decor Show

Last Thursday I attended the first Boston Home Décor Show held at The Cyclorama, Boston Center for theArts.  Hawthorn Builders’ Design Director, Jessica Chabot, and I headed into the South End to preview this kick-off event which featured contemporary, modern and antique displays of art, design and furnishing.  Overall the concept of this show was to … Read more

Keeping Up With Your Home

For years, Hawthorn has placed a strong emphasis on developing and maintaining long term relationships with our customers.  As we have grown and years have gone by, our family of “non-current” customers has expanded.  In an effort to provide resources to meet the needs of our customers who have been in their houses for over … Read more

Deconstruction Part Two

Hawthorn Builders is proud to announce that we are finishing up our second deconstruction project in Needham.  A custom client, who purchased a home on Livingston circle, was interested in the deconstruction process and very eager to learn more about how this could work for their situation.  As mentioned in a prior blog, Deconstruction is … Read more

Obssessed: What I Love Right Now

This week we are obsessed with grass cloth wallpaper. Traditionally, grass cloth is a woven texture on a backing, giving the wallpaper the look of a linen or a woven grass. Originally, the color options muted and most often seen in dining rooms, living rooms, and bathrooms. While you can still get the traditional looking … Read more

Obsessed: What I Love Right Now

This week we are obsessed with the use of saturated color in unexpected places. Featured first is a rustic wood coffee table with a bright pop of teal on the inside. The application of the teal is more like a wash which keeps the saturated color from being too overbearing. Next, is a girl’s bedroom … Read more

Obsessed: What I Love Right Now

Our own Design Director, Jessica Chabot is excited to team up with me to assist in our blog postings.  We would like to introduce a new weekly segment called, “Obsessed: What I Love Right Now.”  This is a great opportunity for our followers to get a glimpse inside a designer’s world, and be in the … Read more

Breaking Ground

Recently Hawthorn Builders began framing a new, custom home in Dover, MA.  This is the first time Hawthorn Builders has built in the area and we are very excited for the opportunity! Looking over the Charles River, this 4,000 sq. ft. home was designed as a modern farmhouse with a charcoal gray metal roof, board … Read more