Hawthorn Builders is a well-respected name in the residential construction industry. The formula to our success is our relentless attention to detail, our exceptional customer service and our devotion to quality. We emphasize open communication with our clients throughout our custom projects and our homes feature the finest craftsmanship and materials in the market. We guarantee our clients’ complete satisfaction with their custom build or renovation experience.

New Construction

Our new homes are uniquely designed and customized to our clients’ budget, specifications and schedule. We source properties directly in our community, and often work with prospective customers well in advance of securing a site to develop. We also engage with clients who have already purchased a property or are redeveloping their existing home. Our proven process encompasses all phases of the custom build process beginning with initial concepts and continuing through to the final finishing touches. As seasoned experts in residential home construction, we have the experience and resources necessary to address the diverse styles and expectations of our client base.

Additions & renovations

As with our new homes, our proven process is applied to our large and smaller scale renovation projects. We offer the same quality, attention to detail and customer service whether our clients are renovating a bathroom, installing a new kitchen or adding a large addition. Our process is scalable and our service is consistent

Collaborative Design

The design phase is the essential first step in any successful construction project.  Our team draws from decades of experience in all aspects of home renovation and construction. Many of our clients are committed to a longer term custom build project with our firm, but we also work with homeowners and their architects who are developing ideas for their project. We help our clients define their scope to match their vision with their budget.

home Care

We recognize the value of the relationships that our entire team forms with our clients throughout the construction process.  Our Home Care division was created to offer our resources on a subscription basis to former customers as well as new clients seeking to protect their homes.

Fair Oaks Final Large Home


Pre-construction is an essential step for anyone planning a home renovation or new construction project since it helps to identify potential challenges and solutions before construction begins. It also allows for accurate budgeting and scheduling, which helps to avoid unexpected expenses and delays. By investing in a pre-construction process, homeowners can ensure from the onset that their project will completed to match their vision and goals.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building practices are becoming increasingly important in the residential home building industry. As a home builder, we consider these building techniques when designing, constructing and renovating a home. Not only does “green” building benefit the environment, but it also has long-term economic and social benefits for homeowners. There are a range of building applications to explore from net-zero to passive home building methods.