Sailing Away with Shiplap

22_Powder_Room For those who are familiar with HGTV’s series, Fixer Upper, you are well aware of the undying love Joanna Gaines has for shiplap.  For many of you though, this might be a term you have never heard before; perhaps it applies to some nautical reference? Perhaps the number of times a boat crosses the ocean?  Shiplap is actually a milled lumber consisting of simple interlocking pieces, where the top and bottom of each board is milled with a rabbet joint to form an attractive wood siding.  In the past, shiplap w 23_Back_Enterance2 as commonly applied as a form of exterior siding, however the trend has taken itself indoors where homeowners are finding they enjoy the classic, clean, architectural interest it adds to a home.  In its original state, shiplap is a medium to dark colored wood, but recently the trend for interior use has been to paint it a bright white.  Often found in bathrooms and kitchens, shiplap adds an element of texture and warmth to an otherwise plain wall.

Hawthorn Builders has recently finished two rooms that boast beautiful shiplap detail as seen in the pictures above.  Another custom build has just wrapped up that has shiplap in their mudroom, family room accent wall and ceilings.  Stay tuned for these finished pictures in the near future.