Making the Team Better

At Hawthorn one of our core values is to make the team better. This ideal can be interpreted in many ways, but for us, the team isn’t just the Hawthorn staff. We think our clients and our vendors are part of the team too. Why is that so important?

When building a home, there are a lot of moving parts, decisions, and coordination that go into the process. Just like an engine, if one of the parts is not functioning properly, the whole process breaks down. That is why is so important to have the builder, client, subcontractors and vendors all working together. If one of those team members is not committed to the team, then it makes it difficult for the other members to accomplish their goals.

Recently we ran into a great example of this. A piece of material was fabricated correctly, but it did not quite work with the other aspects of the design. Two separate vendors jumped on the issue to see if they could figure out a solution to get the client and our vision accomplished. No hesitation, no finger pointing, just what needed to happen in order to get the issue resolved. Because of their quick action, we had the piece refabricated in less than 12 hours. That kind of problem solving only happens with there is a level of trust and loyalty among team members that inspires individuals to do what needs to be done to make the team better.

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