Hawthorn Team Event

IMG_6004Hawthorn Builders spent an evening hosting an appreciation event for our subcontractors and vendors on September 16th.   Held at Gillette Stadium the night began with an all-you-can eat BBQ, featuring pulled pork, nachos and fajitas, which then led to some fun time mingling among the 75 guests.  We all then went into the stadium to watch the Revolution soccer team play against New York.  With a victory under our belts, the night turned into a great evening where everyone was able to come together outside of work.  Spending time with Wenygttom Jordao, partner of Euro Style Flooring Solutions, I was able to speak with him about his last year working with Hawthorn Builders.  “We have been in this business for many years now and worked with many contractors, but by far, Hawthorn is the best!  We have so much good work that we have to work on Sundays sometimes,” he exclaimed.  Our own Vice President of Construction, Jeff Kostiuk, spent much of the time mingling from group to group (seen below with our painter, Aroldo DaSilva).  “It’s always a nice opportunity to be with these guys outside of work.  I get the chance to have discussions with them and find out more about their personal lives.” Check out our gallery below for some pictures of the team.

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