A Unique Surface

Just as fixtures and finishes have changed over time, so has the look of kitchen countertops. Since granite has become so widely available, clients have been looking to more unique materials for their kitchen counters. In the case of wood countertops, you have something that is unique, but also functional as a prep space or seating area.

There are two common types of butcher block – end grain and edge grain. Edge grain is when the ends of the board are glued together to make long, narrow pieces. End grain often creates a checkerboard effect that is the common mental image when thinking of Butcher Block. The third option for a wood counter is plank style. This is commonly what you see with wood tables -wide boards in long lengths. End or edge grain is best suited for prepping areas and heavy use. Plank style is better suited for table or sitting areas on the kitchen counter.

Wood countertops come in a variety of wood species, including reclaimed wood which can have a distressed look. Hawthorn Builders’ Design Director, Jessica Chabot, recommends choosing a wood species based on color and not adding any colored stain to the wood counter if it is going to be some place that gets heavy use. “If you are using the area to prep food, as you cut into the wood or it gets scratches, you want the wood underneath to be the same color as the top. If you stain the wood counter, when it gets cut or scratched, they will be much more noticeable.” She also recommends that “wood countertops are for people who like things to get a patina naturally over time. If a scratch, dent, or stain is going to really bother you, wood countertops are not the right choice.”

As custom home builders, Hawthorn Builders is always looking to include personal preferences that form a unique and comfortable living space. To view some of our kitchen layouts, visit our website and galleries at www.hawthornre.com

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