Needham Real Estate: Hawthorn Investments Update

Despite extremely tough conditions this winter,Hawthorn Investments is working hard to deliver on our ongoing projects.  The framers at 20 Arch Street have been working through harsh conditions outside and have made it to up to the frame of the roof;  we are maintaining a good pace despite the delays.  The cold weather and heavy snow has also added to the challenges at 49 Savoy Road inNeedham.  Providing heat and water (for plaster) to the home, which is now fully insulated, was a bit of a challenge.  Nonetheless, the interior finish (millwork) at Savoy is expected to start shortly as we stay on target for a Spring delivery date.  The addition at 94 Mayflower Road in Needham is also making good progress.  This week we have obtained the rough sign offs from the Needham electrical and plumbing inspectors and are currently planning for the rough building inspection early next week.  Part of our preparation for passing the building inspection includes: fire blocking, making sure that all the venting and soffits have been completed and insuring that all of the framing meets current code requirements.  Hawthorn is planning for a busy Spring season; please check in on our development’s pages for additional updates including new photos of our current projects.

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