Needham Sales by School District – 2015 Edition

When it comes to Needham real estate, elementary school district is as much a part of the conversation as bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and renovations.  In most cases buyers want to know which school district a house is in before even getting to the other specifics about the property.  For buyers moving within Needham, this … Read more

Needham Market Update: Fall 2011

The Needham real estate market is showing some signs of slowing. Comparing MLS and public record sales data from 2010 to 2011 (for the first ten months each year), the average sales price was slightly up from approximately $803,000 to $813,000. However, the total market volume was down with 229 sales from January – October … Read more

Needham Market Update: Spring 2011

As we near July, the Spring market in Needham is coming to a close.  The housing market in Needham remains remarkably stable despite continuing problems throughout the national economy; MLS data from the beginning of March through mid June (of both 2010 and 2011) reveal steady conditions.  Comparing 2010 to 2011 data, the average sale price has gone up slightly to … Read more