Hawthorn Giving Back

Jessica Chabot, Hawthorn’s Design Director, is on the Community Service Committee of the New England IFDA. The IFDA Partners with the Woman’s Institute of Housing and Economic Development (WIHED) to sponsor one of WIHED’s properties each year. The WIHED is a creator of affordable housing in Massachusetts and Connecticut. The IFDA and its members raise money that directly benefits the chosen location and works on ways to improve the property for its residents.

This year the IFDA and the WIHED chose to make improvements to Achushnet Commons in New Bedford, MA. Achushnet Commons is a 12-unit apartment building that was formerly a school. The WIHED bought the building after it had been abandoned, and it now serves as the residence for 12 low-income families.

The community service day was well attended by members of the IFDA. Approximately 15 people attended as well as 5 teenage boys from the local honor society. The project involved painting the hallways of the three resident floors, which have 14’ high ceilings and a lot of wood trim. Jessica Chabot chose the paint colors and Hawthorn
 vendors, Benjamin Moore and National Lumber donated paint and supplies. Both Jessica and Brandy Souza from National Lumber also rolled up their sleeves and got in on the painting as well.