Where It All Begins

Hawthorn Builders is committed to providing our clients with the best experience possible when they are designing their new home, addition or remodeling project. Whether we work on the design in-house or as a consultant with our client’s architect or designer, we work as a team. Essential to this experience is our Design team, which has the expertise and vision to deliver throughout the process in whatever capacity works best for the construction team. We desire to be involved as early as possible so that we can help determine the feasibility of the budget, space needs and zoning conformity. We also work with new home buyers on the potential for renovations on a new home purchase.

Initial Consultation

Whether our clients are building a new home or starting an addition/remodeling project, we start with an initial consultation to discuss the project and establish the scope of work for the new space. During this meeting we also discuss the budget and the potential options for creating plans. We can also set up a meeting to review plans that have already been developed by our client’s architect or designer. We refer and work with several top architects and designers in the greater Boston area.

Preliminary Design

After our initial consultation, we review the design concepts for the areas specified in the scope. During this phase, the plans will be reviewed to make sure the spaces meet expectations, both aesthetically and functionally. In addition, we continually review the budget to make sure that we remain in line with the goals of the project.

Final Design & Specifications

Once the collaborative design process is completed, our clients and team meet with vendors to select finish materials and products for the project. The Design team will advise, review options and suggest applicable product alternatives if necessary.  This will ensure that all choices are in line with the project budget.


In a design-build process, the architect and contractor work together as a team from the beginning of the project, which can help to ensure that the design and construction are seamlessly integrated. This can lead to a more efficient and cost-effective project, as issues and potential problems can be identified and addressed early on.

Our Design team is ready to assist and facilitate with our clients, architects and designers on every selection if needed. We take a collaborative approach to working with industry professionals to deliver the best product for the client. As one of the creative leaders on the project, we streamline the decision-making process based on feedback from the design team as to aesthetics, lead-time needs and budget restrictions. We understand that our clients’ styles can evolve, and from the onset of the engagement, we have the capabilities to assist with selecting finishes, cabinetry, tile, countertops and paint colors. This ensures that the home looks and feels as good as it was designed and built.

Our comprehensive approach includes collaborating on interior space planning, kitchen and bathroom design, appliance selection, plumbing & tile selection, finish millwork, paint colors (interior and exterior), light fixtures & hardware.