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Needham Sales by School District – 2015 Edition

When it comes to Needham real estate, elementary school district is as much a part of the conversation as bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage and renovations.  In most cases buyers want to know which school district a house is in before even getting to the other specifics about the property.  For buyers moving within Needham, this […]

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Hawthorn Builders Editorial

In what might be considered an annual tradition, the discussion over new construction in Needham is a gain on the hot stove.  This includes letters to the Needham Times from concerned residents to what appears to be a concentrated push from local committee members to propose changes to the current zoning by-laws. While examining both […]

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Needham Sales by School District – 2013

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Conversations about valuing and comparing Needham properties often begin (and sometimes end) with the school district in which the properties fall.  The perception, right or wrong, is that the Mitchell and Broadmeadow school districts are more desirable than the other three.  We at Hawthorn Real Estate know this based on the inquiries we receive from […]

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