Podcast Ep 1- The Making of a Sharpshooter

Michael J. Lee, our guest on this episode of Design Wise, is an interior photographer in Boston.  Michael J. Lee founded his photography studio in 2007 with the intention of transitioning his experience as an interior designer and creative director to the art of photographing the work of leading architects and interior designers.  His work has been featured in numerous design publications and cover stories in regional and national magazines.   Michael’s photography has contributed to the country’s leading design professionals securing editorial features and cover stories in national and regional magazines.  Michael sees photography as both a solitary art and a collaborative craft.  To balance such nuances and to know how to orchestrate the precise interplay of scale, color and light is the mark of his success.

You can learn more about Michael’s work here.



Episode 1

Show Notes:

  • Michael’s early life and how it contributed to his work ethic and direction 
  • How he got started
  • His experience as a design associate working with two of New England’s top interior designers 
  • How he networked with famous designers and got amazing design opportunities
  • How he transitioned from interior design to interior photography, using his networking skills to get on the job training
  • His thoughts on what is timeless in design
  • The process he uses in his design shoots and how he sets up each project for success
  • His thoughts on how to get your work published and to how to best advertise
  • His thoughts on social media
  • A personal, never before told, story on how one designer changed his life

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