Needham Builder: Two New Construction Projects Announced in Needham

Hawthorn Builders has recently secured two, level lots with plans for developing two new homes in Needham.  The homes are located in the Broadmeadow and Mitchell school districts in Needham.  The parcel in Mitchell is located on Parker Road on over 15,000 sf.  The property in Broadmeadow is located along Fuller Road and is within walking distance of the commuter … Read more

Needham Market Update: Spring 2011

As we near July, the Spring market in Needham is coming to a close.  The housing market in Needham remains remarkably stable despite continuing problems throughout the national economy; MLS data from the beginning of March through mid June (of both 2010 and 2011) reveal steady conditions.  Comparing 2010 to 2011 data, the average sale price has gone up slightly to … Read more

Needham Builder: First Step in Construction – Demolition Permit

We have closed on our newest home in Needham at 41 Dawson Drive. The development of a custom, new construction home has begun; we have posted our latest set of designs on our developments page.  The first step in the building process, after the closing, is applying for the demolition permit.  Although it would seem to be logistically easier to run over … Read more

Hawthorn Investments: Needham New Construction Update

It has been a little while since we last checked in at our blog; we have enjoyed a busy few months in Needham.  Our Mayflower and Savoy projects in Needham are both in the final stages and are close to completion.  The new owners at Savoy moved in last week after we received the certificate of occupancy from the Needham Building Inspector on Thursday.  We … Read more

Needham Real Estate: Hawthorn Investments Update

Despite extremely tough conditions this winter,Hawthorn Investments is working hard to deliver on our ongoing projects.  The framers at 20 Arch Street have been working through harsh conditions outside and have made it to up to the frame of the roof;  we are maintaining a good pace despite the delays.  The cold weather and heavy snow has also added … Read more

Needham Market Update Winter 2010/2011

In what has become a familiar theme, the Needham real estate market continues its steady performance heading into the historically strong Spring market.  Comparing MLS sales data from the last half (final six months) of 2009 to 2010, the average sales price was up from approximately $815,000 to $835,000.  The total market volume increased slightly with 127 … Read more

Hawthorn Investments Needham Construction Update

As we head towards the New Year, Hawthorn Investments is busy in this cold winter season.  Our projects in Needhamare moving along; all of which are at various stages of the construction process.  Both Washington and Broadmeadow are nearing completion, while at Mayflower and Savoy we are closing in on completing the rough phases of construction.  … Read more

Hawthorn Investments Presents: 1316 South Street, Needham

In September 2010, Hawthorn Investments completed its project at 1316 South Street in Needham.  The project involved the development of a 1.5 acre parcel located near the intersection of South Street and Charles River in Needham.  The lot was cleared and ready for construction in January, and the project was completed on time for a … Read more

Needham Real Estate: Housing Market Update

Although the stock market remains strong with the Dow once again reaching above 11,000 last week, the real direction of the economy is not immediately clear. According to the Massachusetts Association of Realtors, pending sales for Bay State single-family homes fell 19 percent in September 2010 when compared with September 2009.  “Concerns over the economy and … Read more