Our Story

How It All Started


After several years working in the real estate industry, Mathew Roth and Ryan McDonnell took an entrepreneurial leap of faith and started their own business in February 2005.  Their first step was to create a company called Hawthorn Investments, LLC.  Under this flag, they bought two multi-families which they renovated, converted to condominiums and sold in Roslindale and Dedham.  They also purchased a small Cape in Needham at 45 Kimball Street which they converted into a Colonial, completely renovated and sold. 

After the sales of the initial development projects, Hawthorn Investments shifted its focus from “flipping” properties to new construction and custom renovations.  In January 2007, they bought a single family in Needham at 14 Ingleside Road and tore it down.  Based on plans developed by Tavis Babbitt of Babbitt Design, Hawthorn Investments built its first house.  This project set the company on a path that has seen the construction or renovation of over ninety properties through the end of 2017 including dozens of new luxury homes in the greater Needham and Boston areas with more on the horizon.  Hawthorn Investments, now known as Hawthorn Builders, has been engaged by customers for projects ranging from kitchens and baths, to major additions and custom new construction.


Under Hawthorn Real Estate, which includes Hawthorn Builders and Hawthorn Properties,  Mathew & Ryan bundled the company’s services under one umbrella to provide customers with a complete real estate solution.  The two companies combine to supply a full collection of real estate value by offering customers access to a deep network of tradespersons, vendors and suppliers.  Hawthorn Real Estate is focused on remaining a fixture in the greater Needham and Boston development and brokerage communities for years to come.

In 2012, Rob Ticktin joined Hawthorn Real Estate after a 10-year career developing condominiums in Somerville, Cambridge and Boston. He is a partner in Hawthorn Properties while filling an advisory role for Hawthorn Builders.