Our Proven Process

How We Work


With nearly 100 projects under our belt, we have learned what works well and what does not.  We have a customized system to building great homes that meet our discerning clients’ high expectations.  We call this process the Hawthorn Difference.  


The Hawthorn Difference


Our seasoned team combined with our proven systems yields predictable results every time.  As we follow our tested approach, high quality homes and satisfied clients are the result.  From the initial concept to the completion and transition into a finished home, we work with our clients hand and hand through every stage of the process.  Our transparent, simplified approach is designed to create the best possible client experience.    


Identify & Qualify – (Initial Meeting)

Customer Needs


Who is Hawthorn?


Scope & Engagement – (Plan & Budget)







Execution & Construction – (Building)

The Team

Basecamp & Communication

Building & Project Management

Quality Control


Transition & Management – (Project End)

Move In

Home Education

Home Management

Continuous Care and Follow Up


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